How many times have you heard in the Dale Carnegie Course that you should give honest and sincere appreciation? Or that you should praise the slightest improvement, praise every improvement and you should be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise?

If you read the book more than once, you are probably tired of seeing anything about giving appreciation or using the TAP formula for giving a compliment.

Dale Carnegie consolidated these principles of human interaction and behavior between 1912 and 1936. It seems that as our technology and medical processes improve, we find more proof to verify our observations.

Just recently, I saw this on a Good Morning America video article. It reviews a scientific report from the journal Neuron. The report establishes a connection between brain neurochemical activity and things like social status, money and compliments.

The findings may surprise you.

You can review the video excerpt entitled “Compliment or Cash?” here.

Then download your own Little Gold Book Of Relationships: 30 Principles for Personal Greatness as a reminder that a compliment can go a long way with your team.