As this year’s Mother’s Day ends, I am reminded of an incident that happened at the turn of the century (I’ve always wanted to say that).

Back in the early 90s, my mother finished her Bachelor of Arts degree. She had started college in her early years, and stopped attending to raise a family. When she started as a part time teacher at the local grade school, she discovered that she needed that college degree after all. So, in her late 50’s she went back to school and took courses in early childhood education. After all the dust had settled, not only did she become a full time teacher, but after a few years, she served as the school’s principal.

One evening when I was in Cleveland with two of my sisters for a Christmas visit, we got to talking about the challenges of going to school and what it takes to be successful. So I asked Mom when she was in school, competing with all of those kids who were 35 to 40 years younger than her, did she ever feel like just calling it quits.

Her response surprised me.

She said, “It was hard, and there were times that I did want to quit. But every time I hit a rough patch, I remembered something that you told me.”

Well, that got my attention, so I asked her what that was.

She said, “When you told us about running and finishing your first Boston Marathon, I asked you if you got tired and ever felt like quitting. And you said that you never started anything unless you were committed to finishing it.”

“I kept that in front of me during my entire time in school and I vowed to never quit because I was committed to finishing and getting my degree.”

You know, it’s really something when you can be a source of inspiration to your mother. For me, it’s nice to know that I can give something back to the world that gave me so much.

This Mother’s Day, I trust you let your Mom know how much you care. The rest of the year, be an inspiration to those that have helped you in your journey to success.