And now that I’ve finished my rant from earlier, here is a useful item that jumped out at me a few days ago.

I’m a big fan of Dan Kennedy. I’ve read many of his books, including his “No BS” series. I’ve found numerous instances of the Dale Carnegie principles in his material; some reworded in a subtle fashion to make his point, while others hit you in the face like a $50 bag of nickels.

In my copious spare time, I’ve been compiling a list of examples of how the Dale Carnegie principles apply to direct marketing using Kennedy’s books as a reference in addition to what we’ve discovered through our own efforts.

I also try to stay updated on stuff happening in the blogosphere. Naturally, I have my Google alerts set to trigger on certain key words (one guess as to what I have as one of those trigger words).

So imagine my surprise when this little gem popped up on my radar. It details how the Dale Carnegie principles can be used in email marketing campaigns and is written by email experts Alex Madison and Lisa Harmon. The authors do emphasize a point that we talk about in our sales programs. That is, “personalize [email] when it adds value…”

All of our business interactions should add value in some way. Just makes good sense.

Anyway, give this gem a read, dust off your copy of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, and start reapplying the Carnegie principles in your sales and marketing email campaigns.

How to Win Clicks and Influence Subscribers: Adding Value Through Personalized Messaging