There’s a wonderful scene in the movie, The Dark Knight, where The Joker slides down a huge pile of money to meet with the Chechen, one of Gotham’s mob bosses and one of his “employers”. The Chechen praises the Joker on his accomplishment and says,

“So. Joker-Man. What do you do with all your money?”

The Joker replies, “You see I’m a guy of simple tastes. I enjoy dynamite… and gunpowder… and GASOLINE…” at which point, The Joker’s men begin to pour gasoline on this huge pile of money that looks like the government stimulus package on steroids.After a brief discourse to hold The Chechen at bay, The Joker says, “…and you know the thing that they have in common? They’re cheap!” at which point he tosses a lit cigar on the soaked bills and promptly sets this pile of money ablaze.

While you and I don’t have a mountain of money to burn, we can set the world of networking on fire using the big three social networks,Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, especially if you are in the Ohio area.

In the latest edition of NetworkWorld under the section entitled “Trend Watch”, Jason Meserve talks extensively how these three popular social networks are becoming the tools of choice, at least in the US, for high ranking corporate officers, business people, the movers and the shakers.

Read the Full Article Here at Networkworld’s Trend Watch: Tweet to Compete

According to Dan Schawbel, a social media specialist at EMC, “There’s an opportunity lost by not being on the larger social networks. People are already searching for other people. Recruiters are looking to fill a void. If they don’t come across your name, you’ll miss out.”

Let’s look at that last sentence again:

“Recruiters are looking to fill a void. If they don’t come across your name, you’ll miss out.”

And you know the thing that they all have in common? They’re Cheap!

In fact, creating an account is free on all three. It makes absolutely no sense not to have one on each of these networks.

If you are curious about and you want insider knowledge on how to leverage it to your advantage,Lewis Howes, Linkedin expert and serial entrepreneur, is hosting a number of events in the Ohio area between March 3rd and March 5th. The event in Cleveland will be held on March 4th at the Rock Bottom Brewery. If you are in the Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Dayton or Cincinnati area (or if you within driving distance), my recommendation is to make your way to these events any way you can. Details are here at Linkedin Success Week Events

So go out now, create your accounts on these three networks and get ready to set the social networking scene on fire because, as The Joker says, “Everything burns!”

Don’t get left out in the cold.

See you there.