Just made a post on the Top Performance blog about using email in your direct mail campaigns and to drive prospect awareness.

Get ready because in the next few days, we’ll be looking at some of the aspects of Gmail, SalesForce.com, Thunderbird, and some of the email services out there that will allow us to become more organized, increase our contact rate and generate more business.

Remember, it’s only technology. The real magic is in how we use it to get things done.

Here is the link for Use This Direct Marketing Technique To Drive Sales In Your Email Campaigns

Meanwhile, if you are in the Cleveland or Columbus area, come on by the Linkedin Linkedworking event today. You will make some new friends, discover how to use one of the most prolific technologies available today, and learn how to increase your exposure in the job market. Times and locations are here at linkedworking.com.

See you there.