Apparently the boys underground have been working overtime to take advantage of the new giant on the block, Facebook. There’s a new security threat out there that uses social engineering to take over your social network.

Imagine it. There are people out there that want to take over your network and turn them into a family of … zombie ‘bots. As a sales person, you’ve worked hard to find, reconnect and earn the trust of people in your network and now they are the targets for someone else to grab and turn into their resources for more nefarious acts.

I’ve gone through my own Facebook account and noticed that in addition to the connection requests, there are also a lot of other requests. Stuff like “friend x sent you a drink” or “friend y sent you a present”. Usually these things require you to run some type of application on your system or give a third party application access to your network.

It seems that prudence and caution are the words of the day when being invited to partake in these applications, especially if they ask you to view a video from a friend.

Anyway, the details on the new koobface worm can be found in this article here.

Keep your hats on. We’ll be taking a peek at how to discover and remove this Facebook security threat momentarily.