Using Twitter to connect with like minded people and find your next job.So, what is the big hoopla about Twitter? What is it all about? And more importantly, what is it good for?

When the fax machine was first introduced, many office workers asked the same types of questions.

“So I can copy somebody’s face and fax it over to the other office across town. Outside of parlor tricks and novelty operations, what is this thing good for?”


Office workers don’t ask those types of questions when it comes to faxing today. Faxing has become one of our business staples. In fact, it’s so ingrained in our mindset that workers prefer it for some business applications to other, more efficient document sharing and collaboration methods.

But they haven’t given up the questions. They’ve been shifted to focus on social networking applications, like Twitter.

And as individuals continue to search for unique and novel ways to use these applications, there are others who are doing some very practical things with it.

Like finding a job.

Check out how Kevin Smith used Twitter to enhance his job search and secure a position with Gnoso. And while he is a software developer, and found a tech job through what most of us consider a tech application, I think it’s important to take heed of Kevin’s own words when he describes his Twitter experience:

“As it turns out, Twitter is a great place to meet people that share your interests.”

This is exactly how I hooked up with Lewis Howes, co-author of the book LinkedWorking.

Which reminds me, I need to write up a quick review of his book and put it on my Linkedin Reading List.

Anyway, read this article entitled “How I Got My Job Throught Twitter” on MarketingProfs Daily Fix. Then, go get signed up on Twitter and start tweeting.