Top 12 Gmail Features That Leave Lotus Notes Dusted In This Era Of Social Media

Point 9: Gmail Administration Is Outsourced

When you are a small 10-man shop operating out of a shared office complex, a 20-man company operating out of a warehouse loft or a one-man consultancy using that spare bedroom, you don’t have a lot of manpower or hours to spend on maintaining software and hardware. What you need is something that is quick, simple, easy and if possible, has all of the maintenance bundled into the cost.


Oh yeah. That’s right. Gmail is free!

And all of the ongoing system maintenance is happening all of the time.

Your organization doesn’t have to worry about configuring or maintaining hardware or performing patch upgrades to the software or any of that stuff. All of the gmail administration is outsourced to the Google team, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

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