Top 12 Gmail Features That Leave Lotus Notes Dusted In This Era Of Social Media

Point 7: Gmail Groups Same Subject Messages Together Into A Tidy Conversation

Have you ever sent out a message to your team and then had to hunt for the replies in your inbox?

Or maybe you opened your email to find that someone had responded to a message you sent out 2 weeks before and you could not recall the details of the original message?


If you ever had an email discussion with several people over several days, then you know that some of those replies can be spread out in your inbox across several dates. To get them grouped together, you’ll need to reorganize your email view along the subject header.

You know, hit the title bar entitled “subject” to reorganize your message view.

Well, with Gmail, this happens automatically. Now, instead of reorganizing your message entries along subject headings, all messages and replies regarding this particular subject are placed in a collapsible grouping.

And as new replies come in, the entire grouping, or conversation, jumps to the top of your inbox stack.

Now it’s much easier to follow along the gmail conversation.

Can you say, “Gmail, organize my messages and save me some time”?

Say goodbye forever to message hunting.

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