In a series of earlier posts, I did a basic outline of 12 reasons why migrating over to Gmail and Google Apps from Lotus Notes made sense. When I was outlining these reasons, I had the small business in mind, and field sales people in particular.
When you think about our current economic environment, a company with 10 to 100 employees really is stretched pretty thin and everybody needs to focus on the activies that are going to make a difference. Anything that C-level executives can do to outsource standard tasks, like email maintenance, will free up their human capital to tackle more interesting and profitable challenges.

This concept is not lost on the big companies, so it’s not really an equalizing competitive advantage any more — it’s more of a requirement to keeping up.

Here is an article from CIO Magazine that depicts how the IT Director at Taylor Woodrow, a UK construction firm, migrated their email activities from Microsoft Outlook over to Google Apps premier edition for enterprises and saved $2M in the process.

Take a peek at this article and discover the reasons why they made the migration over to Google Apps.

As if $2M isn’t enough of a reason!

Good Selling!

Cost Savings Found When Microsoft Outlook Ousted for Gmail at British Construction Firm – – Business Technology Leadership

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