In a prior post, we looked at four reasons to open a Google account and set up Google Alerts to monitor certain items in the cloud. Those reasons were…

  • Keep an eye on your reputation.
  • To do sales research.
  • To conduct a job search.
  • Keeping tabs on you (as in when your name pops up in the cloud).

You know, we don’t have time to go scour the ‘net and find every single thing out there about the thing we want to keep tabs on. So why not make them come to you?

While reviewing some of my email, I noticed this gem from another sales writer, Jim Klein. In his newsletter, a reprint from his blog, he essentially stated that the difference between the sales rep who is getting ahead in this ugly economic climate and the ones that are falling behind is the information that they can access and leverage.

His suggestion? Use Google alerts!

Here is an excerpt from his blog. Take a peek:

Set up an account with Google Alerts. You can set up alerts for keywords pertaining to your particular industry, your competitors, yourself or anything else you want to keep an eye on. Then you can get notified daily on any articles or news stories pertaining to the specific topics, and stay on top of the latest developments in your industry.Jim, From The Heart Sales Training Blog, May 2009

Check out the whole article, How To Increase Sales In Any Economy, when you get the chance. There are some additional choice bits in there that are common sense, but not commonly practiced.

Bottom line, set yourself up a Google account and set your alerts.

Don’t know how? Then get a crash course at my previous post, 4 Reasons To Implement Google Alerts Now.

Good Selling!