Just recently saw this question from a sales rep regarding Lotus Notes:

“What is the maximum amount of emails you can have in Lotus Notes 7?”


The maximum number of emails you can have is going to depend on the size of the email messages and the amount of storage that has been allocated to your account.

For example, if you’ve been allocated a 500 MB storage quota for your account and 100 of your friends send you an email, each with a 5MB attachment, then you’ve hit your quota, and your email account is “maxed out” with only 100 messages.

Also, most email systems will set a limit on the size of the file attached to any email. Typically, this number is 20 MB.

But, if you have a file that is larger and you really need to get it to your contact, use Gmail Voice and Video Chat or Google Talk to send it. We’ll address that in a later post.

You’ll have to talk to your mail administrator, your system administrator, or whoever is maintaining the email system at your company to discover the limit they’ve set as your storage quota.

Be nice to your administrator. Take ‘em out to lunch and show ‘em some appreciation.

They will tell you what your storage quota is, and they may even raise it for you if you really need more.