Panda Cloud Antivirus Service is raising the security bar.

Since the dawn of medicine, doctors and researchers, in trying to cure people from an infection or a disease, have been faced with a daunting task. That is, how do you kill a viral or infecting agent without killing the host organism in the process?
Computer security specialists have been faced with the same task when protecting a computing environment: How do you keep a malware infection from taking over and slowing down your machines without having the security program essentially take over and slow down your machines even more?

If you’ve run some of those competing applications that come bundled with new laptop distributions, you know that sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease.

All of this may be a thing of the past.

Panda Security Offers Cloud Antivirus Protection

I just read on the wire that Panda Security will be offering a version of their antivirus program where the bulk of the work will be performed in the “cloud” while using a thin client on your laptop for initiating the connection. For us sales geeks, this essentially means antivirus software as a service, like, with a minimized, lightweight application operating on our machine.

Imagine, not having to worry about downloading or updating the definitions for that antivirus program living on your laptop. If you run Symantec Norton antivirus, this would mean saying bye-bye to the live update process that eats up all of your laptop’s resources and provides lots of material for endless rants on the web.

Imagine a service that is directly plugged in to the Home Office’s research labs where the latest threats are addressed quickly instead of waiting two or three days before all of the signature files are updated and pushed down to client systems.

This new Panda Security Cloud antivirus service is coming soon to a broadband port near you. But for now, it’s still in Beta Test.

So if you are in sales, you probably don’t want to make the jump to this application just yet. You have more productive things to do with your time, which shouldn’t include trying to figure out how to configure the latest antivirus program to run in the cloud or whom to contact when it fails to initialize.

I’ve downloaded a copy and will be doing some testing. I’ll keep you posted on what shakes out.

Good selling.