Top 12 Gmail Features That Leave Lotus Notes Dusted In This Era Of Social Media

Point 5: Gmail Headshot Photo Increases Your Credibility

I know that in Lotus Notes you can select your stationary to personalize your email. Many other systems allow you to do the same thing.

Well, now you can configure Gmail, Google Chat and Google Talk to display a headshot of yourself when you conduct your online conversations with other members of your group.


At first, this may seem a little narcissistic. But when you think about it, the people that you communicate with most often, your contacts that you have a relationship with, they want to be able to see whom they are speaking with. They want the connection to be more personal. And putting a face on your communication media does exactly that.

Plus, I don’t know of to many spammers willing to put their face on some of the stuff that they send out.

Can you imagine what kind of virtual world it would be if spammers and scammers were required to post their headshot along with their message?

Do you think you’ll get as many of those sob stories from foreign bankers trying to find the rightful heir to the 8.7 Million dollars locked away in their bank left behind by a diplomat that was killed in Cameroon?

Add a picture to your Gmail and give your profile a boost in legitimacy.

Next, large storage quotas.