For social media communication, Gmail beats Lotus Notes like a rented muleWhile reviewing some of my stats, I came across a question indicating that someone out there was looking for reasons why they should make the transition from Lotus Notes email to Gmail.


Naturally, if you are in a corporate environment and your company has standardized on Lotus Notes, they have done so for a reason. There may be concerns surrounding security. Or there may be concerns regarding proprietary information and they want any info that moves amongst their people to be locked in a controllable format. From a system administrator’s point of view, having everything centralized in a single location around a single platform makes system and service management easy and simple.

So if you are in a corporate environment running Lotus Notes and you are trying to migrate off to another platform, say for example Thunderbird or Gmail, you may get your hands spanked for breaking security protocols—even if it is easy to do.

On the other hand, if you are a small organization and you are trying to escape from the confines of Lotus Notes but not quite sure of the benefits involved, here are 10 reasons for making the switch over to Gmail. It is by no means a comprehensive list, nor is this an engineering exercise. It’s just my observations since transitioning over to Gmail and discovering what the Google platform can really do.

I’ll briefly outline each reason in 12 shorter posts to make this easier to read. The original doc was long enough to qualify as a college term paper.

Top 12 Gmail Features That Leave Lotus Notes Dusted In This Era Of Social Media

  1. Voicemail Integrated Into Platform
  2. Video Integrated Into Platform
  3. Message Labels Give More Flexibility Over Typical Folders
  4. More Advanced Anti Spam And Message Security
  5. Headshot Pictures Give You More Credibility
  6. Seriously Large Storage Space
  7. No More Hunting For Messages Addressing The Same Subject
  8. It’s Free, sort of
  9. Outsourced Administration
  10. OS Specific Applications Not Needed
  11. Ongoing Development
  12. Reel That Email Back In And Save Face