Top 12 Gmail Features That Leave Lotus Notes Dusted In This Era Of Social Media

Point 2: Video integrated into the email platform with Google Voice and Video

OK I haven’t seen anything from Lotus Notes that compare to this. And it’s something we’ve all dreamt about when we were kids watching Star Trek (depending on when you were born, of course).

So now we have it; a chance to have a face-to-face visual communication link to our friends, family, and anyone else that we want to add to our contact list, and we can put it “onscreen”!


How Captain Kirk is that?

Think of the applications! You can hold a face-to-face sales meeting with your client in San Francisco while you are in New York with your family. Or maybe you want to conduct a webinar with an audience of 30 online members responding in real time. Or maybe you want to hold a team collaboration meeting with members scattered across the continent, or globe for that matter—like 9miles media.

Yes, I know that Cisco has been using and distributing this tech for a while, promoting the human network in its advertisements. And the big boys that have the money to put a Lotus Notes system in place probably has the money to implement a Unified Communications Platform, complete with voice, video and data.

But for us smaller companies that are looking to eke out as much performance as possible from our equipment and people, we don’t have the bux to implement a costly solution.

And that’s where Google has become the great equalizer, bringing the tech that has previously been available only to the big corporate gods down to us mere mortals and small companies.

Tthe only caveat here is that everybody needs to be on the Google network and everybody needs a webcam.

But hey, webcams aren’t all that expensive and Google has a platform that rivals AT&T. Today we call them a search engine. Tomorrow, a communications provider.

Actually, when you consider Android, Google Voice, Google Talk, Google Voice and Video, and Gmail, they may be there already.

To implement video in your Gmail account, again review the instructions in my past post here.

Next point, Message Labels!