It appears that Lewis Howes has outdone himself again.

This month’s LinkedIn Networking event in Cleveland looks like it will top 400 attendees. This number reflects only those people who have RSVPed using LinkedIn and doesn’t include the “walk ins” who are just discovering the event for the first time.


And while I’m sure that he’ll have plenty of books on hand like he did at the last event, I think this month’s “Big Idea” was the joint Online Marketing Workshop that he put on with Social Media Mogul, Jim Kukral earlier today.

That one, I had to miss, unfortunately. I’m sure that there were a couple of ideas outlined in that workshop that could be immensely useful in the future (like within the next day or two).

Hey — maybe there will be an MP3 or a video of the workshop that we all can download.

Anyway, if you were like me and you had a scheduling conflict in the morning, then be sure to pick up stakes, pack up your stuff at 5:00 PM today and head on over to the RockBottom Café in Cleveland.

Good people. Good food. Good times.

If you are lucky, maybe you’ll run into one of the 40 people that were in this morning’s session and they’ll tell you the secrets that were shared at the workshop.