Tuesday August 25, 2009.

Mark the date, update your LinkedIn profile, and be prepared to network your brains out at the Cleveland Linkedin Networking Event.

Once again, master Linkedin consultant Lewis Howes, is conducting the high powered networking event giving Cleveland business people an opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals, share contacts and generate some new ideas. And there may even be some neat door prizes as well.

Lewis has been holding these events about every two months since the beginning of the year. And at the end of August, it will be time for the next one. Hold onto your hats because this one looks to be even bigger than the last one. The Linkedin registration currently has 451 Clevelanders signed on as attending with over 100 more listed as interested.

And we still have 18 days to go!

The Cleveland LinkedIn event will be held at the Rock Bottom Café down in The Flats as it has been over the past few months. You have to admit that the place is conveniently located allowing residents on both sides of the river equal access.

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed some grumbling amongst the ranks that the venue is too small to hold the growing number of people that are interested in expanding their network. Hey, a turnout of 450 attendees is pretty big, especially when you are talking about “one tiny little restaurant”. However, in all of the times that I’ve been to these events, I’ve seen the upstairs area totally barren with the exception of 2 or 3 lost souls either wandering around looking for people to talk to, or just taking a break from all of the excitement.

Wait a minute… You mean there’s an upstairs to the restaurant?

Yes, there is space upstairs. And it’s a very spacious upstairs complete with a bar, a couple of pool tables, some couches… it actually looked like a good place to get away and conduct some business.

Although this time around, I think Lewis has something else in store for the area.

In order to bring out more of the explorer in all of us, Lewis will host a “Speed Networking” session upstairs. This will get people exploring more of the place while they are introducing themselves to new people in other industries. There will be a limit to how many people can participate in this event and we’ll find out the details in due time. Subscribe to my post updates in your favorite newsreader to find out more about the Speed Networking addition to the Cleveland LinkedIn event.

Also, if you happen to be in the Columbus area on August 20, you may want to take advantage of a half-day seminar that Lewis will be conducting with Barry Chandler. Entitled, “Leveraging Social Media, Email And Your Website To Grow Your Leads, Add Customers, and Build Trust”, it going to address everything from social media networks to a coherent web strategy.

As I said, this seminar will be in Columbus on August 20, 2009 and there will be a nominal charge to attend the session. You can find the details here at rippleresults.com

Remember, subscribe to post updates and I’ll keep you informed when the Speed Networking details come out.

In the interim, register for the biggest Cleveland LinkedIn Networking Event here and get your shiny new business cards printed up. I think you’re gonna need a lot of them for this event!

Good Selling!