OK gang. Keep your voices down ’cause I’m going rogue.

We know that the economy has been very tight – tight as in a very difficult and troubling time, not tight as in “That Silver Mustang I checked out yesterday is Tight!”

When the economy is tight, your clients and prospects get tight-fisted. They hold onto every penny and review all expenditures. Sales people all over are finding this very challenging time, in part because of this corporate tight-fistedness. But they are also having a difficult time selling because they are still using methods they learned when the economy was Tight in a good way.

Now when you have an economy that is Tight and everything is working really well, business owners are less tight-fisted. They are governed by a possibility mindset, and you use a certain set of sales skills and tactics to close business.

Selling to them in this environment is just a whole lot easier overall.

However, when the economy is tight, like it is now, your prospects are governed by a different mindset. They don’t have a possibilities mindset; they are looking for ways to survive.

As a result, sales people are hit with a Perfect Storm of bad economic luck. Owners of businesses are tight fisted and sales people are selling with the methods that they developed when the economy was working well. All of this is a recipe for slow sales, frustrated sales people and disappointed sales managers who are not making their revenue projections.

If you are a sales person, what do you do to effectively navigate this Perfect Economic Storm that we are currently facing?

You go find yourself some Tight coaching from a professional sales coach.

You find someone who has sold through tough economic times as well as when the economy was humming right along. You find someone who can provide you with some fresh ideas on how to get through to decision-makers that are saving themselves time by using technology to block out poorly trained sales people. You talk to a sales coach to discover ways to move more prospects through the sales pipeline and turn them into paying clients using both traditional and cutting edge sales tools. You find someone who can provide you with an unvarnished look at yourself and at what you are currently doing so that you can get to the next level in the sales game.

And while finding and leveraging such a coach will involve a serious investment in time and money, you can get a jumpstart on the process in as little as 16 hours over a 2-day span at a very, very Tight price.

Imagine, having access to your own coach who can provide you with ideas on what is currently happening in the world of sales today, right now. Imagine working in a sales lab where you get to experiment and test some of the latest innovations in sales technology in addition getting comfortable with the basic principles of communication and human interaction.

In this two day, sixteen hour sales lab, you will:

  1. Learn what it really takes to build rapport with your prospect.

  2. Identify the hurdles of modern day cold calling and leverage them to your advantage.

  3. Identify 4 classes of questions that will channel your prospect’s attention where you want it.

  4. Identify, expand and bridge the needs gap that will have your prospect begging you to solve their problem.

  5. Leverage nine principles to help you get past the “gatekeeper” and turn them into an ally and a valuable source of information.

  6. Discover 5 levels of listening and why you don’t want to be at level one, two or three.

  7. Learn a 6 step strategy for quickly determining the nature of an objection and if you should address it at all.

  8. A three-point method of creating a solution that will have your prospect demanding you for more.

Here at Dale Carnegie Training, we are no stranger to tight economies or prosperous ones. Dale Carnegie Training has been around for almost 100 years and we’ve seen some pretty hard times as well as some pretty highflying times. The methodology that we have pioneered has flourished because it adapts to and leverages the conditions of the times while maintaining its foundation on human principles of communication and interaction. We never stop growing.

And neither should you.

Now, here’s the rogue part.

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But connect up before 4:00 today (Oct 14, 2009).

Because you know we can’t do this all day!

Program Number: CS164

Program Date: Oct 15 and Oct 16 (Thursday and Friday)

Program Time: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Program Location: Corporate College – Cleveland Western Campus