During my NLP certification, my strategies instructor made a comment concerning talents and goals during our one of our discussions.

We were reviewing the NLP TOTE model (TOTE is an acronym for Test-Operate-Test-Exit), when suddenly our conversation turned to behaviors and outcomes.

That’s when our instructor said, “You know how our culture defines the difference between a talent and a goal?”

We all looked at each other in an inquisitive state.

Charles said, “If you hold your behavior constant and you change your outcomes until you find one that your behavior is really good in achieving, then we call your behavior a talent.

However, if you hold the outcome constant and you change your behavior until you get your outcome, then we call the outcome a goal.”

It depends on where you choose to focus your attention and your perspective.

Where are you focusing your attention right now—on your behaviors or your outcomes?

What process to you use to discover your talents?

And how many different behaviors do you use to accomplish your goals?