Hootsuite Updated To Interface With LinkedIn And Facebook

Last night, I noticed that the 3rd party professional Twitter application Hootsuite went offline for maintenance. I really didn’t think much of it initially. Services like this go offline occasionally for routine maintenance and upgrades. But after 6 hours of not being able to connect to it, I knew something big was in the works.

Over the past few weeks, Twitter has made some major additions, one of them being the addition of lists. Professional Twitter desktop applications like Tweetdeck, and Seesmic recently made modifications to accommodate these updates, everything from the new way Twitter handles retweets to connecting with other social networks like Linkedin.

When Hootsuite came back online this morning, there were plenty of changes integrated into its structure. Now, not only does Hootsuite manages and organizes your Twitter lists, but it also interfaces to your Linkedin and Facebook accounts. This opens a host of possibilities which I’m sure we’ll explore in the coming weeks.

I’m sure that there were some other changes and upgrades integrated into Hootsuite to make it more stable and increase its flexibility. And I’m also fairly sure that there will be a few… surprises that we’ll stumble across as we move forward—you can’t make a major upgrade like this without a few oversights. But, these latest upgrades, coupled with some of the other features that were already integrated into the application, turns Hootsuite into a powerful social network communication platform.

You can find more descriptions of the Hootsuite upgrades on their blog here.