Today I discovered one of those Search Engine Optimization challenges that you know about but you don’t realize how it affects you until someone points it out.

In this case, Google pointed it out for me and it involved the blogging platform, Blogger.

Since I started using Blogger, I’ve been using the default font style when I create my posts. Then I would select certain blocks of copy, and sometimes all of it, and change the font style from the default Times Roman or Trebuchet, to Arial.

So imagine my surprise when, after looking at the Google Webmaster tools, it indicated that two of my major SEO keywords were “span” and “family”.

In looking at the code in the “Edit HTML” window, I saw a new “span” tag for every paragraph with text that I changed to a different font family.

Clearly, when considering Search Engine Optimization, the better way to change the overall font family for the body of the post is through the CSS.

With Blogger, the best way to do this is through the “Fonts and Colors” menu under the “Layout” tab. From there you can control a variety of variables like the “Page Background Color”, the “Blog Title Font” and “Post Text Font” to name a few.

And the modifications won’t interfere with your SEO efforts.

By using the “Fonts and Colors” menu under the “layout” tab, Google’s webmaster tools won’t show that your main SEO keywords are words that are actually a part of your site infrastructure. Then your Search Engine Optimization efforts can really make an impact.

Of course, if you are using one of the customized templates, you may have to modify the HTML before the Blogger platform will have access to the appropriate CSS variables. Just one more thing to be aware of.