“I thought you said you were done making weapons?” -Pepper Pots, Iron Man

Salespeople Use Email to Sell, and the Email Blast to Demolish Relationships

It seems that the concept of the “Email blast” is still alive and doing as much “van Damme-age” as possible.

Think about what you are doing. You’re blasting out your product-centric message to everyone in your database to generate interest from your clients.

Sometimes, I see this process from salespeople who normally will hold a conversation with their prospect. Give these savvy sales people the power of an email server and suddenly all sales acumen goes out the window.

At that point, all of their prospects look the same and no one on the sales team wants to “converse” with the prospect. They just want to “blast” their message out to as many contacts as possible. Every opportunity turns into a chance to send out another “Email Blast”.

If you are in sales, your message needs to generate interest. To do that, it needs to be client-centric in its focus. You really want to facilitate and encourage the conversation with your prospect or client, especially when using email. And you can only do that when you get specific with your messaging and direct it to specific groups of people in your database.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out these stats from Pam Neely on segmenting your email list. Then, check out this list of ways Hubspot has assembled to slice your database for better list segmentation.