“I’m a leaf on the wind – watch how I soar!” -Hoban “Wash” Washburn, Serenity

I spent some time with my little nephew this past weekend, helping him build an Electric Paper Airplane Launcher I gave him for Christmas.

He couldn’t perform some of the more difficult assembly tasks. But, he did stay focused on the project, and he assembled the parts that he could manage. In just over an hour we had the project finished and the launcher operational. Within 20 minutes, he was folding new paper airplane designs and testing them in his new launcher.

His little smile got bigger each time he tested a new airplane design until he was grinning from ear to ear. Needless to say, his self-confidence got an even bigger boost from his accomplishment.

Make Something Happen Everyday

This reaffirmed my belief that we need to make something happen in our lives on a regular basis.

We need to reclaim our independence, possibly every day, by doing something or creating something that impacts the world around us. It shows us that we don’t have to succumb to the suppressive external forces that try to break us. It shows that we have the power to make a difference.

So, go assemble something and watch it work for the first time. Or confront a new monster challenge and resolve it.

Set an unrealized goal and achieve it.

Once we see our plans become reality, a feeling of power wells up inside us. It makes us feel in control.

So this week, go out and build something that you normally wouldn’t build. Exercise your creativity in a way that you don’t do often, and show the Universe that you are a player.

Be a leaf on the wind and soar to new heights.

Become the storm cloud and bring the thunder.

Go make something happen!