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Here’s a quick tip on opening your sales call, a topic related to a past session dealing with picking up on your prospect’s mind frame from their verbal cues.

First, recognize that the mind uses the 5 senses to record information.  That information comes to us in the form of pictures, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes.  So when you go to your prospect or audience and start discussing solutions, remember:

  1.   Their mind will focus on the topics that you start the conversation with.
  2.   A strong sensory description will produce a strong image in their minds.
  3.   Keep your conversation focused on the positive. That’s where you want the prospect’s attention to go.

3 Tips For Opening The Sales Call

Many people starting in a sales career often ask their sales trainer or coach “how to open a sales call” or “what kind of voicemail to leave for their prospects.”  Consider this:

  • Your opening statement will attract your prospect’s attention. Make it easy on yourself. Open with something that is already the focus of their attention. Start your conversation with an industry or company wide challenge that they may be facing.  Remember, attention spans are short, so you don’t have much time to do this.
  • Strong sensory descriptions will produce strong images in your prospect’s mind. When you add more detail in stating the problem or defining  your solution, you create stronger images in your prospect’s mind.  So, prime the pump; get them started with some very detailed descriptions, and then let them fill in the blanks.
  • I was once told that the word “not” has no physical presence in the real world.  So when we tell someone “Not to do something”, they need to focus on the something that you don’t want them to do in order to understand your statement.  Help your prospect out.  Keep your language clear, concise, positive, and focused on real solutions that can be manifested in the real world and can described without the word “not”.

Keep these 3 tips in mind the next time you leave a voicemail message, and make yourself more than just a man in the mind of your prospect.