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Firefox v52 includes speed enhancements and security updates

Firefox just updated to release 52 today with a number of new features. Included in this release is the much-talked about security warnings for non-HTTPS sites. The web has gradually been moving to fully support the HTTPS protocol since the Snowden revelation back in 2013.

With this new release, you’ll see an immediate change on your form pages. The Firefox browser changed the security warnings from a lukewarm non-notification to an in-your-face crossed-out lock when you enter secure information like your passwords on forms not using the HTTPS protocol. If you have a site that requires users to enter their name and password in a form, it would behoove you spend a few extra bucks and get an SSL certificate. Besides, rumor has it that Google favors sites that run on the  HTTPS protocol. You could pick up some extra SEO points in the process.

In addition to the usual security updates, additional changes include the introduction of WebAssembly, a low-level assembly style language that allows applications like CAD and video editing  to run at almost the same speed as their native equivalent. Also plugins using the Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) have been disabled. So when you update, be sure to check your plugin compatibility. You may find some plugins are no longer “fully functional”. Of course Flash is the exception. We weren’t that lucky.

You can find additional info on this new update here.

If you need multiple isolated environments, you can follow the instructions here to set up multiple browser profiles.