“I’d given up on my body. I thought my mind’s the only thing I have left. I should at least try to elevate that. So, I sat with gurus and sacred women. Strangers carried me to mountaintops to see holy men, and finally I found my teacher. And my mind was elevated, and my spirit deepened.” -Jonathan Pangborn, Doctor Strange

The Dale Carnegie Course Instructor

About a week ago I was speaking to a fellow instructor about a Dale Carnegie Course he’s about to start. During the course of that conversation, we started reminiscing about the good old days. Back then, I served as his graduate assistant and the program was 12 weeks long.

One thing that came up was how we don’t emphasize the importance of instructor training as we did in the past.  During my own instructor training, I remember the leadership team telling the sales reps to give more attention to the power of the course and less to the people delivering it. Yet instructors continue to undergo a grueling training process. During the course of the program, instructors become coaches, trainers, psychologists, motivational speakers, content creators, and subject matter experts.

Because he’s on the West Coast running a territory by himself, I volunteered to help him out a bit with his website and blog. To this end, I published the process we all undertake when we choose to become instructors. He instructs in the San Joaquin Valley. But all Dale Carnegie instructors go through the same training process before we can instruct any of the core programs.

If you are in the California San Joaquin Valley area  looking for a program to help you manage your personal and professional life resources, consider the Dale Carnegie course to give you that communication edge.

And be sure to ask about the instructors. That training program is what differentiates the Dale Carnegie course from other communications and personal management programs.

Good luck!