“You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.”

-Morpheus, The Matrix

Dale Carnegie Course Teaches Graduates How To Let Go

Back when I  had  achieved my Dale Carnegie instructor credentials, I attend every graduation in the Cleveland area. It was a great opportunity to learn new techniques from other instructors and a chance to gain some different  ideas on class moderation. It was also a great way to achieve additional training experience.

In one particular class, I had formed a working relationship with the instructor and attended the majority of sessions prior to the graduation. So during the graduation, she asked me to say a few words after we had heard all of the participants’ graduation talks.

In my presentation, I referenced the story of the stress-management consultant who used a cup of water to demonstrate a point. However, during the story, I realized something new and promptly followed the new direction.

While standing in front of the group, I held a cup of coffee overhead and asked the group, “How much do you think this cup of coffee weighs?”

They responded with several answers ranging from 8 ounces to 12 ounces.

After soliciting several guesses, I revealed that the absolute weight wasn’t important.

I told them I could hold the cup high for all to see for a minute and I wouldn’t be bothered. Now if I held it up for 10 minutes, my arm would grow fatigued from the effort. If I held it over my head for 30 minutes, I would be in pain. And if I held it for over an hour, I would need medical attention.

The absolute weight didn’t matter because the weight never changed.  What mattered was how long I persisted in holding that cup of coffee overhead. That’s what was increasing the stress in my arm.

You Have To Let It All Go To Achieve Goals and Milestones

Here’s the revelation. We often find ourselves holding on to things in our lives that we should have released long ago.  And I’m not talking about stress. I’m talking about things that no longer work for us, like:

  • outdated beliefs and habits;
  • old perceptions about our abilities;
  • groups or people that no longer help us;
  • old work habits;
  • facades to impress other people.

Instead of acknowledging that these things don’t work, we stubbornly hold on to them, in spite of the pain they cause.  We define ourselves with them. We live our lives in denial, convincing ourselves that if we have the patience of Job and persist long enough, everything will work out.

Sometimes, the best solution is to drop these old perceptions and leave them behind for good.

Graduates Achieve Goals In The Dale Carnegie Course

I like Dale Carnegie graduations like this one.

I like them because I get to see people liberate themselves from the tyranny of these misconceptions. They achieve goals and begin living their vision.

On this particular night, I was privileged to see 25 individuals release old beliefs they had clung to for most of their lives. They graduated to explore new possibilities.

That night, these individuals stood up and demonstrated how they had let go of their past limitations to embrace a new vision of themselves. They revealed how they were more confident in their abilities in handling new situations and communicating with other people. Most of all, they demonstrated their flexibility in creating new behaviors, allowing them to lead teams and complete projects.

If you have question about what your people can accomplish after taking the Dale Carnegie Course, and you happen to live in the San Joaquin Valley area of California, contact Paul Bagan. He’ll review your requirements and tell you exactly what the Dale Carnegie Course can do for you and your team.